Thursday, May 9, 2013

McCall's M6496 Little Girls Dress in Chickadee Fabrics

Fabric: Chickadee - Andover Fabrics
Dress Pattern: McCall's #M6496
Models: Marley
Set Assistants: Sofi (cat) and  Axel (pup)

Casual version of Marley's Chickadee Dress.

Add the bow for a more dressed up version.
Below is a cute sequence of events that I captured during the photo shoot. Enjoy!

Axel meets Marley.

Axel spies Marley's toes.

Axel touches Marley's toes.

Axel sniffs Marley's toes.

Axel licks Marley's toes!!!

We just have too much fun here!

"Love what you create! Let my patterns be the canvas for your creativity." Jamie Kalvestran

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