Thursday, February 14, 2013

Scrap-bags Studio Under Investigation

Evidence is mounting against two suspects concerning the destruction of property in the Scrap-bags studio.

Evidence found during  the investigation . . .
Suspect #1 is reported to have gone into hiding. Her where abouts have been tracked to the dining room.

Suspect #2 was apprehended when this look of guilt crossed his face during interrogations.

Suspect #2 immediately pleaded innocent with this look.
Both suspects will remain in custody until more can be learned. It seems likely that suspect #1 played an important roll in the crime by knocking the property to the floor, where by suspect #2 proceeded to inflict the damage. Both will remain innocent until proven guilty. Names are being withheld until further notification.

"Love what you create! Let my patterns be the canvas for your creativity." Jamie Kalvestran


Mimi said... can't stay mad at those two cute faces for long I am sure. Besides...if it was just a spool of thread....I hope. 439 oeasons

Danielle Todd said...

Book 'em!

Sher's Thoughts said...

From the evidence entered I believe they are guilty. I propose, a time out with lots of hugs and kisses and treats (cause they look like they're feeling are hurt. I'm sure they won't do it again. I'm an expert on that since mine Cats KEEP promising not to do it again lol. :-)