Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A New Take on an Old Classic - Double Wedding Ring Quilt - Into The Woods Fabrics

Here's a new take on the old classic Double Wedding Ring Quilt in my new fabric line (Into The Woods) by Andover Fabrics.  This is a common quilt block, therefore I am not offering a pattern because it is available from many sources already. If you are a quilt shop and are interested in this line please call your rep or Andover directly: Toll Free Sales: 800/223-5678.

If you are a quilter and you like what you see . . . let your local fabric shop know your interested! You can email them the link to this page or print it and take it in to their shop. You will find the order SKU's below.

A 5966 K
A 5966 KO
A 5966 KY
A 5967 KY
A 5968 KO
A 5970 KR
A 5969 KO

"Love what you create! Let my patterns be the canvas for your creativity." Jamie Kalvestran
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Hairstyles 2013 said...

wow amazing....that is classic design

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