Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snow Dyeing Tutorial

OK, here you go. The results and step by step of my snow dyeing.

#1 - You need to prepare your fabrics for dyeing.

#2 - We clipped screen material to plastic boxes.

 #3 You can see the prepared fabrics on the box in the back. (below)

 #4 Snow is brought in from outside and packed around the edge and on top of the fabrics.

#5 Procion Dyes are mixed and poured into the snow.

 #6 As the snow melts the fabric will start to peek out.

#7 You don't want that fabric to dry out, so cover everything with plastic wrap. Don't worry the bottom won't dry out because the melting snow is keeping it wet.

#8 - When I tried this the second time I used a bigger tub and a window screen for a bigger batch of fabrics - worked great! (Monkey is a former toy design that I did for Manhattan Toys, he's an early prototype that hangs around in my basement) below.

Are you wondering what on earth these things are going to looks like.

Well I think they look like NOTHING ON EARTH.

They have a much more ethereal and HEAVENLY look in my opinion.

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Ulla said...

wonderful wonderful patterns

WoolenSails said...

Love how those came out, very nice idea. We got snow last night, but need my counters for cooking today;)


Anonymous said...

Oh how I love these fabrics! I've never been one to complain about lack of snow, but I'm so sad I live in the south right now!

A Magical Childhood said...

These are gorgeous! Linking to this at "A Magical Childhood." :)

Anonymous said...

It looks like you wet and scrunched your material before covering with snow, is that right? Also, are there any alternatives to snow if you don't have any? This is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for posting!!!

Jamie Kalvestran said...

Yes, the fabric is wet and scrunched up under the snow. I have heard of people using ice rather than snow but I have not tried it myself.

Gabbie Bird said...

Hi I was wondering if you have to wash the cloth after the snow melts and if so cold water or hot?

Jamie Kalvestran said...

@Gabbie Bird, You should follow the setting instructions that comes with your dye. The dyes I use require rinsing in cold and hot and then heat setting with steam or a hot iron.

Alice Brown said...

How big is the fabric you are dying on these little screens? Are they balled up or just scrunched under the snow? They came out gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

Jamie Kalvestran said...

Hi Alice Brown, I don’t actually remember the size. I am guessing we used half yard cuts.