Monday, December 27, 2010

Fabric Dyeing & Soy Batik

Some of you know (if you follow me on social media) that I had a play day in my dyeing studio recently. Well, as requested here are the results.

But, first let me show you around my studio space.

Work bench with peg board makes a good place to make a mess.
Yes, this space is in the basement in my laundry room area.
Of course, my constant companion needs a place of his own to hang out with me while I work.
Tools for soy batik, I applied the batik wax a few days earlier.
Cups hold a gradation of dyes from wedgewood blue to rust.
I used a layering method, placing the fabrics in a meat tray and adding fabric and dye going from one end of the color gradation to the other. I started with blue on the bottom and worked up to rust.

Here's a couple of fabrics toward the top of the layers after the dye has been applied with a brush. Pretty ugly huh?  The final color and result will be much lighter and look completely different from what you see here.
I covered the dyed fabrics in the tray with a plastic bag and let it sit for 24 hours.
I scrunched up some fabrics and dumped the remaining dyes over each bundle. I hate to waste a drop of dye.
This is the result of the above bundles. Here you can see the gradation that was achieved. These are fresh out of the washer and still wet. The color is more intense than it will be when the fabric is dried and pressed.

Here is the fabric gradation dried and pressed. (I think I have the top two colors out of order.)
 Below are a few of the layered dyeing results. Some of them need some more layers.

Wishing you happy play days in your own work space!