Friday, May 14, 2010

New Bayport Bag pattern from Scrap-bags!

The Bayport Bag - This bag was designed by me just for me! I wanted a bag that had easy access interior pockets, (without having to open the bag), one for my cell phone and one for my keys. I also, wanted a bag that was large but not bulky. With this pattern you make the quilt sandwich and quilt it BEFORE you do anything else. You also bind it just like a quilt. There is also an optional Yo-yo detail. #1002 BPB - Retail cost $9.00

The Pattern is ready to ship NOW!


"I'm not a quilter, but found this bag easy to sew. I love the way it fits on your shoulder and the shape allows you to carry lots or not, with the bag still looking great!"
~Tracy Krueger

"I have never been a pattern tester before and it was an awesome experience. Jamie's bag was fun and big enough to hold an entire project or just use as a cool purse! This is a bag that even the beginner seamstress can tackle and be proud of the finished product. Keep tapping your creativity, Jamie! I can't wait for the next one!" ~Sue Seslar

"This was my first time being a pattern tester. I found it to be a very exciting experience. This is a great bag. Large enough for all my stuff, I love the pockets inside, and the yo yo's are just plain fun! Keep up the good work Jamie."
~ Roxanne Baumann

Many thanks to my pattern testers, Sarah Olson, Sue Lyon, & Julie Herman, for testing the quilt. Roxanne Baumann, Sue Seslar, & Tracy Krueger for testing the bag! I couldn't do it without you!

Fabric shown on cover is by Lonni Rossi - Vivianna from Andover Fabrics.Pin It

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Amber said...

I look forward to checking this bag out in person in a few weeks. It looks awesome!

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